MailGun Setup: HostGator Domain Setup

In this article, you will learn how to setup a new domain in Mailgun and HostGator.

What You Will Need

1. An active Mailgun account
2. An active HostGator account

Part 1

Step 1

Log into Mailgun and HostGator

Step 2

Navigate to Sending > Domains > Click on Add New Domain

Step 3

Type in your domain name > Click on Add Domain

Step 4

Take note of the DNS records

Part 2

Step 1

Navigate to the DOMAINS section > Click on Subdomains

Step 2

Add the subdomain from Mailgun > Click on Create

Part 3

Step 1

Navigate to the DOMAINS section > Click on Advanced Zone Editor

Step 2

Add the first DNS record from Mailgun > Add Record

Repeat for the rest of the records

<strong>Note: DO NOT ADD THE MX RECORDS HERE</strong>

Part 4

Step 1

Navigate to EMAIL > Click on MX Entry

Step 2

Select the SUB-domain

Step 3

Add the first MX record > Click on Add New Record

Repeat for the second MX record

Part 5

Step 1

Verify DNS Settings

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